Monday, September 5, 2022

2009 Topps Magic #19

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
I love this card! Again, we have another retro based set, but it works with the Auburn college vibes. The image on the front is classic and unique while the back of the card lacks a bit of what makes other cards great. It does however make up for this by giving us a fresh take on the card back by offering a trivia question, college info from Bo's career as a Tiger and a little map of where Auburn is located in the state of Alabama. Definitely something that I have never seen before on a Bo card! According to the instructions on the card, you are supposed to rub a coin on the bottom of the card to reveal the trivia answer, but I have no intention on doing so. Thanks to the modern convenience of Google, I was able to get an answer to the question of "Who are the only two Auburn players besides Bo (#34) to have their number retired?" The answer...1971 Heisman winner Pat Sullivan (#7) and All-American Terry Beasley (#88).

Monday, August 29, 2022

2010 Panini Threads #12

Type: Insert Card
Acquired: Bought Online
This card has a lot of empty space and I feel my gaze being drawn to it, which is a shame because it's a solid card. The re-use of the same photo on the back seems a bit lazy and the exclusion of any stats is always a negative for me. Not one of my favorite Bo cards, but also not one of the worst.

Monday, August 22, 2022

2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes #209

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
Here is yet another offering from the 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes set from 2008. The design for card #209 is exactly the same as the design of card #208. This is expected with a typical card release, but the photos are very similar and almost look like they were taken just seconds apart. Very similar, but different enough to warrant a purchase. I don't say this often, but the back is where I found myself really liking this card. It talks about the Nike "Bo Knows" campaign and the time the Yankees drafted him in the second round MLB draft in 1982. As a NY Mets fan, I am glad he passed on the offer to play for the Yanks and instead chose to go to college at Auburn where he became a legend!

Monday, August 15, 2022

2008 Upper Deck Goudey #212

Type: Subset Card
Acquired: Bought Online
Here is another example of what an "Art Card" should look like. The image of Bo in his Kansas City Royals uniform is awesome and the graphics behind the portrait really don't take away or distract from the beautiful artwork. These cards were part of a subset in the 2008 Upper Deck Goudey set that featured commentary that allegedly came from The Captain himself, Mr. Derek Jeter. I honestly was expecting a little bit more of a personal commentary of each player on the back of these cards, but they just feature a generic write-up of some highlights that have been used many times before. A little disappointing, but still a nice looking card nonetheless.

Monday, August 8, 2022

2008 Upper Deck SP Rookie Football #405

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought At Card Shop
This card is one of my most recent Bo Jackson pick-ups. Myself and the family were vacationing in South Dakota and of course I had to check out the local comic and card shops. I found a few old packs of Topps Traded and of course some Bo Jackson cards. This card is one of my favorites from the 2000's. It features Bo in attack mode on the front and chillin' on the sidelines on the back. It contains Bo's career stats and a brief blurb about his playing career with the Raiders. The real standout on this card though, is the foil etching on the front. It is eye catching and really helps the image pop. Love this card!

Monday, August 1, 2022

2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes #208

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
This is another offering from the 2008 Upper Deck "Football Heroes" set, but this time we get to take a look at one of the base cards as opposed to the "Checklist" card I highlighted a few weeks back. The design takes us back to the early 90's Upper Deck Football card offerings and that's not a bad thing. Why tamper with a classic design. The photo on the front is solid and I appreciate the info about Bo's college career. A solid effort from Upper Deck all around.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Living Legend #14

Type: Oddball Card
Acquired: Bought at Show
Again, we have another one of these "Living Legend" oddball cards. As we've seen in the past, the quality of the card is lacking. The back has the generic Living Legends graphic, no color, no bonus photo and worst of stats! That all can almost be overlooked due to the unique photo sported on the front of this card. The majority of these oddball cards have photos that have never been used before on them. You will never see this photo on a Topps, Upper Deck or Donruss card and that alone makes it worth the purchase!