Monday, March 29, 2021

Bo Knows Weight Lifting

Type: Oddball Card
Acquired: Bought Online
Not too much to say about this card. The photo, outfit and design of the card screams 90's! The back gives a simple "Bo Knows Weight Lifting" description. I don't have much of a connection to this card since I got it in a big lot of cards I bought online a few years ago. All in all, it's a unique card showing Bo performing athletic feats outside of the baseball diamond and football gridiron.

Monday, March 22, 2021

1990 Starting Lineup

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
This card was from 1990, but showcases Bo's rookie season with the L.A. Raiders in 1987. The front of the card shows off the bold yellow boarder that Starting Lineup cards were known for. The back of the card features nothing in the way of stats, but does give some nice little factoids about Bo's rookie year. Some standout items include Bo's league leading 6.8 yards per carry, setting a Raiders team record with 221 yards in one game and despite only playing 7 games, being named Rookie of the year by NEA and Football Digest!

Monday, March 15, 2021

1990 Aamer Sports

Type: Oddball Card
Acquired: Bought at Show
Despite the odd editing of the phot, I really like this unlicensed Bo Jackson Card! I like the mix of having Bo representing the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angeles Raiders. I like the unauthorized use of the Topps "All-Star Rookie" trophy logo and I really like the inclusion of stats on the back for both Bo's football and baseball career. I think I spent $1 on this card at a show at the Hackettstown Mall back in the early 90's. I would say that is money well spent for this unique oddball card!

Monday, March 8, 2021

1990 Collect-A-Books #1

Type: Book Card
Acquired: Pulled From Pack
These Collect-A-Books were pretty popular back in the day. They were the size of a trading card, but you read them like a book. As a matter of fact I actually passed one of these off as literature when I wrote a book report on Bo Jackson based off of this very Collect-A-Book while I was in high school! These didn't come in packs like standard cards, but they came in sets. Bo was in the first set released along with Dwight Gooden, Ken Griffey Jr., Rickey Henderson and 8 other baseball stars. They may be a collecting footnote now, but these were actually pretty cool, they fit in standard baseball card collector sheets and cases and gave you some decent info on your favorite players. I scanned the rest of the book and you can check it out for yourself below!

Monday, March 1, 2021

1990 Mini Poster

Type: Oddball Card
Acquired: Bought Online
I'm pretty sure this card was included in a lot of Bo stuff that I bought online. This card holds some really great sentimental value for me. I actually had a framed version of this poster hanging on my bedroom wall for at least a decade! What's special to me is how I got this poster. My family was at the New Jersey State Fair and I was about 9 years old and a huge Bo Jackson fan. I saw that one of the carnival games had this framed poster as a prize. I can't quite remember what game it was, but I do remember failing hard! I went away upset and broke. Little did I know that my older brother had gone back to the game and won me this Bo "Black & Blue" poster. I was ecstatic! This was so out of character for my brother that it really caught me by surprise. Even though he would give me wedgies, ruin my works of art (at least I thought they were) and blame me for anything that went wrong in the house, I still have those great memories of the few times he wasn't a jerk! This was one of them. Thanks bro!