Monday, January 25, 2021

1991 Odd Ball NO#

Type: Oddball Card
Acquired: Bought At Show
And...we are back to some bootleg oddball cards or as some refer to them "Broder's". These cards are unlicensed and were everywhere in the 90's. They are worth as much as you want to pay for them, but damn sometimes the photos on these cards are pretty cool. This one here shows off the day Bo was announced as a member of the White Sox after being released by the Royals due to hip replacement surgery. I don't hate the front graphics. They are minimal and let the photo take center stage. The back is fairly plain, but does include full baseball stats for Bo. Overall it's an unusual card that surprises with it's unique style and choice of photo.

Monday, January 18, 2021

1990 Fleer #256

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Traded With Friend
This is one of my least favorite Bo football cards. The front is pretty bland, but the shiny silver football helps to give it some pop. The photo choices are okay and the back is a crazy mix of random things. You've got the headshot in some flying circle thing, an orange/brown gradient covered by stats in a pink box. I've got nothing more to say about this cardboard catastrophe. I mean, it's not the worst card ever made, but not one of my faves of Bo on the field.

Monday, January 11, 2021

1991 Upper Deck #545

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Pulled From Pack
This card was from Upper Deck's golden age. Anything they put out, kids wanted it. They still put out great sets today, but to me nothing can match what was on store shelves in the early 90's. The front of the card has a nice action shot of Bo after making contact and ready to run the bags. The back is where this card stands out in my collection. The photo on the back shows Bo ready to throw some heat! I believe this is the only card I own that shows Mr. jackson on the mound. I wonder what kind of damage he could have done as a pitcher. I'm sure he wouldn't have been a Nolan Ryan, but I also know he would not have been a Jose Canseco!

Monday, January 4, 2021

1991 Topps #99

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
This is one of my favorite Bo football cards. I love the look of these Topps cards from 1991. Me and my brother collected a million of the baseball cards from this year, but we only had a few of the football release in our collection. So, I guess my love for the look of this card comes from the diamond and not the gridiron. Either way the simple graphics have just enough coolness to them, the back comes with full rushing stats and the set up of the action photo on the front in "wide-screen" format really makes this card stand out. Really, only 6 receptions in 1990? The game was a lot different back then!