Monday, September 30, 2019

1993 Fleer Flair #186

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
This is a Bo Jackson card that I sought out! First off I thought the Fleer Flair brand of cards were amazing! The thick card stock, the glossy front and back, the gold foil stamping and the fantastic photos. These are all things that can make a card great. Don't get me wrong a card can have all of these attributes and still look crazy ugly, but Flair did it in such a way that looked gorgeous. The double photos on the front look great without clashing with each other and the defensive photo of Bo on the back is made just opaque enough that you can still appreciate it without it making a strain to read the stats. This made it easier for Fleer to put complete player stats on the back, which I appreciate greatly. This is one of my most favorite Bo White Sox cards in my collection!

Monday, September 23, 2019

2001 Topps Archives Reserves #10

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
The football cards keep on rolling for Bo Jackson! This time around we have this gorgeous reproduction of his 1988 Topps Super Rookie card! The original card by itself was pretty awesome, but throw in some chrome and make the colors more vibrant and you have an excellent card on your hands. Look at how young this guy was, little did we know at this time that he would take the sporting world by storm!

Monday, September 16, 2019

2011 Upper Deck Football Saturday In Action #SIA-5

Type: Insert Set
Acquired: Bought Online
Football season has begun and I think it is time we took a look at some Bo cards from his time on the gridiron. It was a short time, but man was it spectacular. This 2011 Upper Deck card highlights Bo in his college days at Auburn University where he won the Heisman trophy in 1985. To me this card is pretty bland. I have seen UD use this photo numerous times over the years and there really is no graphic treatment on the front. The back features the same photo as the front and gives a very concise description of Bo's sports career at AU. One cool thing is that they added some info about his track career.

Monday, September 9, 2019

1990 Score Dream Team #687

Type: Subset
Acquired: Trade With Friend
Score has done it again! Here is another fantastic Bo card this time in Dream Team form. The card front is simplistic, but the photo stands out from the orange and yellow background beautifully and the back has an pretty eye pleasing design. I will forgive the lack of stats on the back since this is a subset and all the numbers were on the regular issue card. This is probably in the top 10 of the Bo cards I currently have in my collection.

Monday, September 2, 2019

1986 Topps Traded #50T

Type: Limited Set
Acquired: Bought Online
Since I could read a Tuff Stuff, Beckett or even Baseball Cards magazine, I had wanted this card! It was easy enough to find the standard issue Topps cards at your local pharmacy, grocery or convenience store, but Topps Traded was a tough find! I eventually bought this card online for a decent price and my childhood dreams came true! I finally had the real Bo Jackson rookie card in my collection! I always found the design of this set appealing. It's clean, simple but still dynamic with the bright colors of the team names and the red/pink coloration on the back.