Monday, June 14, 2021

1993 Upper Deck #775

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Traded With Friend
I really liked the look of this set from Upper Deck. The graphics on the front are bold and simplistic which helps to make the colorful photos really pop! Ultimately though, it looks like Bo is going for a swing and a miss on the front photo. THAT BALL IS TOO LOW BO! DON'T SWING!! The back photo is gold as well. That shot of Bo giving a tip of his cap to the photographer while in the dugout is a fantastic candid shot. Decent stat representation on the back makes this card a winner! 


  1. I just got this one in a trade myself. Not the greatest card, but it's still a "new" Bo to me. Also, with the angle of the ball, I'm pretty sure it was just hit and is headed out of frame. I don't think Bo would've made it to first on that one though.

    1. Maybe that's why he doesn't look so happy on the back photo?