Monday, June 28, 2021

1992 Upper Deck Fun Packs #199

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought Online
I did not collect the Upper Deck Fun Packs when they hit store shelves back in 1992, but I wish I did! Look at this card! It's got funky graphics, bright colors, nice photography and a cartoon image on the back! Unlike the 1993 Upper Deck card, this one shows Bo taking a swing at a ball that is right on the money. He probably knocked this one right out of the park!! Love that they included the little tidbit about Bo's 1st home run after returning from hip surgery was dedicated to his Mom. Such a great story from an amazing career. Only gripe is that they have Bo receiving his All-Star Game MVP trophy while wearing a White Sox hat! Should have been a Royals cap as he was with Kansas City when he earned ASG MVP in 1989. Otherwise a fantastic card filled with 90's nostalgia!!


  1. I don't remember this set, and know for a fact that I've never seen this card before. It certainly looks very 1992-ish.

    1. Really a great set. Almost on par with Topps Kids!