Monday, October 15, 2018

1990 Classic #T25

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Bought at Show
This card is totally rad! From the sweet neon pink border with neon blue slashes to the extreme font style on the front this card is definitely of it's time. I believe that's what really makes this a great card. It doesn't hold back in it's reflection of what was popular in the 90s. I also love this card because it shows Bo holding his All-Star game MVP trophy. During the 1989 mid-season classic, Bo went 2 for 4 with 1 home run and 2 RBI.

Monday, October 1, 2018

1991 Fleer Pro Vision #5

Type: Insert Card
Acquired: Pulled From Pack
This has to be my most favorite Bo Jackson card of all time! This card was released in the early 90s well Bo was at the height of his legendary prowess on the diamond and the gridiron. The things he did were superhuman and it was no stretch to believe he was built like the Terminator. This card provided all the evidence we needed to prove that point. The art is classic and the design is simple but impressive. I loved this card so much that I had my Dad make me a t-shirt for my birthday with this image printed on it!

Monday, September 24, 2018

2011 UD Goodwin Champions #M-BJ

Type: Memorabilia Card
Acquired: Purchased Online
I have been a fan of the Upper Deck Goodwin Champions cards sets for a while now. I love the old timey look and feel of the graphics and design. The only problem I have with this series of cards is that the paintings of the athletes are hit or miss. Some look strikingly like the athlete while others seem a little off. This Bo card seems a little off to me. It's not a terrible representation of Mr. Jackson, just not the best I've seen. Oh well, at least it comes with a piece of game worn Raiders jersey! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

2003 Donruss Team Heroes #241

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Purchased Online
I really like the design of this card. It has a retro feel with a modern twist. The image on the front is crisp and clean and the back gives a limited amount of stats with a nice brief synopsis of Bo's time in Kansas City while also providing some Royals team facts. I usually don't care for these "after retirement" Bo cards, but this one is a nice piece to have in any collection.

Monday, September 10, 2018

2005 Donruss Champions #127

Type: Subset Card
Acquired: Purchased Online
This is one of the few Bo Jackson cards that I really don't care for. I feel like there is a huge waste of space on the front of the card. I know this is because there are relic variants of this cards with jersey swatches and such, but the base version just seems lack luster and lazy. The least they could have done id thrown up a second picture of Bo. The back is pretty standard. Not a lot of stats and minimal info.

Monday, September 3, 2018

1992 Donruss #470

Type: Base Card
Acquired: Pulled From Pack
The 90s were not the best decade for baseball card designs, but this 1992 Donruss set is one of the few exceptions to that statement. I really like the blue chrome look to the border and the silver name font on the front stands out well against the blue. This card was released around the same time as Bo Jackson's long awaited return to Major League Baseball with the Chicago White Sox. As a kid I thought he would come back and be his old self again. I was wrong. He was still an exciting player, but was just missing some of the super heroics Bo was known for. I still watch his old highlight reels and wonder what could have been.

Monday, August 27, 2018

1990 Fleer "Superstar Specials" #635

Type: Subset Card
Acquired: Bought at show
Here we go! These cards were the best. You put 2 baseball superstars together on 1 card and it is a must have! I grabbed this card because Bo was involved, but you cannot argue with the baseball greatness that was Kirby Puckett! Over 12 seasons in Minnesota, Puckett had lifetime BA of .318, 1085 RBIs and 2304 hits. In addition to his excellent batting stats, Puckett also won 6 Gold Glove awards. A great all-around player with the greatest athlete all on one 1990 card by Fleer! It doesn't get much better than that!