Monday, April 16, 2018

1989 Topps Ames Card #17

Type: Retailer Exclusive
Acquired: Purchased at Store
My Mom would shop at Ames all the time! If you are not familiar with Ames, it was very much like a K-Mart. This 20/20 Club Topps series was sold as a small boxed set of 33 cards that celebrated the players who achieved 20 Home Runs and Stolen Bases during the 1988 season and you could only buy it at Ames stores. On one trip to Ames with my Mom, she used this as a reward to myself and my brother. If we could behave, we would get the set. I'm sure we were okay on that trip because we did receive the sets and I have had this Bo card in my collection ever since. Thanks Mom!

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